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We guarantee our customers high quality products

Our products are produced by thermoforming on Illig machines. The main materials used are PE-T, PS, regenerated PS, PP and PVC. We have the opportunity to produce contract packaging on a skinning machine from Illig for you. Some products can be made in different colors or transparent.

More than just packaging

Products integrated with companies’ marketing concept

The packaging of a product beyond its protective function is part of a successful marketing concept. The market globalization demands new conditions on the presentation of products. Hence, a packaging is no longer just a packaging, it belongs rather to the integrated marketing concept of a company.

Electronics, electrical engineering, optics, automotive


For our customers we develop and produce thermoformed workpiece carriers in various dimensions and thicknesses, adapted to the respective packaged goods. We can also make your disposable or reusable trays in antistatic or conductive materials.

Food packaging, bakery and pastry needs


Our cups and bowls are characterized by great dimensional accuracy and thus ensure proper processing of your sealing systems.

Cake containers are the ideal packaging for transporting fresh pastries and cakes. They consist of upper and lower parts white/crystal clear.

For bakeries and pastry shops we produce in various dimensions pastry rings for the production of fruit or cream pies.

Medical technology


We can offer complete solutions from a single source for thermoformed products. Starting from the idea as a sketch, sample or drawing; we develop, design and produce your product. As an additional service, we can offer you ultrasonic welding.

Blister packaging


Blister packaging protects your product. Made of transparent material, stable and safe.

We manufacture blister and clamshell packaging according to your wishes. We are also pleased to advise you on the design.

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